Mathematics Literacy program
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  • 14 Jun 2019
  • Govt. Primary School, Muttaicadu.

Mathematics Literacy program

NOORUL ISLAM CENTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Mathematics Literacy program Good mathematical literacy skills will hopefully help maximize the tasks and role of the prospective teacher in activities. Mathematical literacy focus on students' ability to analyze, justify, and communicate ideas effectively, formulate, solve and interpret mathematical problems in a variety of forms and situations. With this motto, as a part of extension activities of the Department of mathematics, every year the Mathematics Literacy Program is conducted by the Department. This activity is expected to have a real contribution in realizing the government's program as the city of literacy and to cultivate in reading for students and the community, schools, and boarding schools are effective, intelligent, creative, innovative and skillful. In addition, this program is expected to improve service to the community and schools in villages. This year the M. Sc and M.Phil students of our department accompanied by the staff of our department, conducted the Mathematics Literacy Program on 14.06.2019. They visited Govt. Primary School, Muttaicadu. Students were shown written materials that described various situations that students could conceivably confront, and which required them to apply to review their mathematical knowledge, understanding or skill to analyze and deal with the situation such as: • Looking for similarities and differences, • Recognizing shapes in different representations and different dimensions, • Understanding the properties of objects and their relative positions, • Relationship between visual representations (both two- and three-dimensional) and real objects. • Quantity, understanding of relative size, • Recognition of numerical patterns, and the use of numbers to represent quantities and • Quantifiable attributes of real world objects (counting and measuring). Students were motivated with gifts for their good performances. Dr. T. M. Selvarajan and Dr. J. John Arul Singh accompanied the students and made the program a grant success.

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