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Noorul Islam Alumni Association (NIAA) is a society created for the students of Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education and Noorul Islam College of Engineering. The association has a clear vision to create a global network of Noorul Islam alumni who are leaders in their respective fields and are actively contributing to society. The NIAA aims to achieve this vision by fostering lifelong connections among alumni, promoting professional networking opportunities, and providing a platform for continued learning and growth.

In addition to supporting alumni, the NIAA also aims to help current students of Noorul Islam institutions. The association offers mentorship programs and career development resources to help students prepare for their professional lives.

The mission of the NIAA is to connect, support, and enhance the personal and professional growth of its members, including current students. The association strives to achieve this mission by offering various initiatives and programs that support the personal and professional development of its members. These initiatives include workshops, guest lectures, and networking opportunities to facilitate learning and professional growth. The NIAA also engages in social and community service initiatives to help create a positive impact in the community.

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