Computer Science and Engineering

Seminar on Technology Evolution and Future Machine Learning Trends
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  • 17 Jun 2022
  • Smart Class Room CSE Department

Seminar on Technology Evolution and Future Machine Learning Trends

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a seminar on “Technology Evolution and Future Machine Learning Trends” on 17/06/2022 from 09:45 A.M to 10.45 A.M for the benefit of students of First year Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science departments. The convener of the programme was Dr. V. G. Ranjith, Head of Computer Science and Engineering. He formally welcomed the dignitaries and students and gave an excellent introduction of the resource person and welcomed him. He requested the participants to pay eager attention to the seminar and emphasized upon the importance of learning and enhancing their innovative ideas. 9 students from S2 BE CSE, 2 Students from S2 BE AI & DS, 10 students from S2 B.Tech IT participated in this seminar. The seminar was organized by Dr. R. Suji Pramila, ASP/CSE. The resource person was Dr. A. Kumaravel. He is working as Professor and Dean, School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai. He explained about artificial intelligence, types and uses of machine learning and how does machine learning work. He highlighted the importance of machine learning with many real time examples. He also explained the technology evolution and future trends in this field.

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