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Webinar “Data Visualization using Python”
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  • 13 Oct 2023
  • CSE Smart Class Room

Webinar “Data Visualization using Python”

On October 13, 2023, the Computer Science and Engineering department organized a webinar titled "Data Visualization using Python" at the CSE Smart Class Room, beginning at 02:30 PM. The featured speaker for the event was Dr. D Roja Ramani, an Associate Professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at New Horizon College of Engineering in Bangalore. Dr. V. G. Ranjith, Assistant Professor, and Head of the CSE department convened the webinar, while Dr. B. Ben Sujitha, a Professor in the CSE department, played a crucial role in its organization. The session commenced with a warm welcome address from Dr. B. Ben Sujitha, Professor of the CSE department. After the welcome address, the resource person, Dr. D Roja Ramani, initiated the webinar. The session extended for approximately one hour, during which she delved into the fundamental concepts of data, its significance, and the importance of data visualization. Dr. Ramani also provided insights into the installation of Anaconda on a computer and proceeded to demonstrate various data visualization techniques using Python. The webinar concluded at 3:35 PM, with Mr. Bhelal Ansari, a final-year student specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, delivering a vote of thanks. This event served as an informative and engaging session on data visualization using Python.

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