Computer Science and Engineering

Seminar “Agile Basics and Scrum”
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  • 15 Sep 2023
  • CSE Smart Class Room

Seminar “Agile Basics and Scrum”

Computer Science and Engineering department organized a seminar on topic “Agile – Basics and SCRUM” on 15/09/2023 in CSE Smart Class Room at 02:00 PM. The resource person for the event was Mr. Chitvan J, Senior Scrum Master, Tata Technologies, Pune. The seminar was convened by Dr. V. G. Ranjith Assistant Professor and Head/CSE and organized by Jelin Taric C, AP/CSE. The session started with Ms. Riya Rajeevan of Final year CSE delivering the welcome address. After the welcome address the resource persons started the seminar. It was a two-hour session. He briefly explained about what is Agile, the principles of Agile methodology, how agile is implemented in industries from the top tier (Management) to the bottom tier (Project development). Additionally, he explained students about the advanced courses they have to take to become an Agile expert and the scope of agile in industries. The guest lecture ended with Ms. Riya Rajeevan of final year CSE student delivering the vote of thanks at 04:20 pm.

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