Aeronautical Engineering

UAV Workshop
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  • 27 Jan 2023
  • AInauguration: Aeronautical Smart Class Room Flying UAV at Boys Hostel Ground

UAV Workshop

The students from Aeronautical engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering were eagerly participated in the “UAV workshop” conducted on 27.1.2023. The expert Mr.R.Manoj has successfully explained about aerodynamics and basics of Unmanned aerial Vehicle. Then he explained about fabrication of UAV and has flown the UAV in the air for a particular range. This UAV can be used in agricultural field for spraying fertilizers and pesticides and also used for taking useful photographs by fixing camera on it. This workshop was very useful for the students to do project regarding UAV design and improving the talent with the flying machines. Also it is useful for training other college and school students to fabricate and fly UAV.

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