Seminar on Spacecraft Autonomy
  • 20 Apr 2023

Seminar on Spacecraft Autonomy

The International Seminar on Spacecraft Autonomy was held at Hill Top Auditorium, Noorul Islam Centre for higher Education on 20.4.2023, which was organized by the department of Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Dr. Krishna Dev Kumar, P. Eng., Professor of Space Systems Engineering, Director of Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace Systems (AIAS) Laboratory and Department of Aerospace Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada, was the chief Guest of this event. He has started his Seminar from the history of spacecraft autonomy and levels of autonomy in space, types of autonomy and applications. He interacted with the students about the benefits of space craft autonomy, higher studies and job opportunities related to space craft autonomy. This was very useful for the students to know deeply about spacecraft autonomy and made them to know job opportunities related to aeronautics and astronautics.

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