• 16 Nov 2023


Book Release: "A Guide to Soil Mechanics" by D. Allwin, B. Soniya, Y. Stalin Jose & S. Mathan Kumar The faculty members of the Department of Civil Engineering at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, namely D. Allwin, B. Soniya, Y. Stalin Jose, and S. Mathan Kumar, have successfully published a significant work titled "A Guide to Soil Mechanics" through Aasan Publications. This book focuses on providing a step-by-step approach to applying the principles of soil mechanics in addressing geotechnical and foundation engineering challenges. To mark the formal release of this esteemed publication, a special ceremony was organized at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education. The event was graced by the distinguished presence of key personalities, including Chancellor: Dr. A. P. Majeed Khan, Pro Chancellor Dr. R. Perumalsamy, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. K.A. Janardhanan, University Patent Advisor Dr. Joseph J, University-level Event Coordinator Dr. Murugan M, IQAC Director Dr. J. P. Jayan. The ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge the scholarly contributions of the faculty members and celebrate the culmination of their dedicated efforts in bringing "A Guide to Soil Mechanics" to fruition. The book provides a comprehensive exploration of soil mechanics principles, emphasizing practical applications in solving real-world geotechnical and foundation engineering problems. Its step-by-step guidance makes it a valuable resource for a broad audience, ranging from students to seasoned professionals.

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