NICHE Literary Club - Tamil Inbam Celebration for International Students' Day
  • 17 Nov 2023

NICHE Literary Club - Tamil Inbam Celebration for International Students' Day

The NICHE Literary Club for University Students organized a vibrant celebration on Friday, 17th November, in honour of International Students' Day. The event, held at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, witnessed a confluence of literary enthusiasts, scholars, and students. University Pro-Chancellor Dr. R Perumalsamy presided over the ceremony, setting the stage for a memorable and culturally rich evening. The distinguished Pro-Chancellor, Dr. R Perumalsamy, assumed the role of the presiding authority during the inauguration of the event. His opening address was marked by a profound emphasis on the pivotal role of literary and cultural enrichment within the academic sphere. Professor Danesh delivered a warm welcome address, fostering an inclusive atmosphere for the literary enthusiasts gathered. Dr. A. K. Kumaraguru, the distinguished Vice-Chancellor, delivered a speech that resonated with profundity as he immersed the audience in the poetic essence of "Thirukkutalak Kuravanchi." With eloquence and a deep sense of appreciation, Dr. Kumaraguru unraveled the layers of this exquisite Tamil poem, inviting the audience to embark on a literary journey through the enchanting verses. In his address, Dr. Kumaraguru skillfully illuminated the thematic beauty and cultural significance encapsulated within "Thirukkutalak Kuravanchi." The poem, a testament to the poetic prowess of Tamil literature, unfolds a lyrical narrative praising the scenic splendor of Courtallam in Tamil Nadu As the Vice-Chancellor painted vivid imagery through words, he created a cultural and poetic backdrop that enveloped the gathering. The audience found themselves transported to the enchanting landscapes of Courtallam, experiencing the beauty and charm that inspired the poetic expression of generations past. As the honoured Chief Guest from Agastheeswaram Vivekananda College's esteemed Tamil Department, Professor Dr. R. Rama Kumar graced the occasion with an enlightening address that left an indelible mark on the audience. Dr. Rama Kumar's expertise and profound insights enriched the celebration of International Students' Day, providing a deeper understanding of the intrinsic beauty of the Tamil language. In bringing 'Tamilinpam' to life, Professor Dr. R. Rama Kumar not only contributed to the intellectual depth of the event but also inspired a renewed appreciation for the beauty and complexity embedded in the Tamil language. His address added a layer of cultural significance to the celebration, making it a truly memorable and enlightening experience for all in attendance. Organizational Details: The meticulous planning and execution of the event were orchestrated by a dedicated committee led by Dr. G. Ramadas, the coordinator of the Literary Club. The active participation of forum members, students, and professors underscored the success of the program.

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