Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat @2047
  • 20 Dec 2023
  • Convocation Hall, NICHE

Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat @2047

Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Lecture Series: Viksit Bharat@2047: Voice of Youth' As India approaches its centenary of independence, the Government of India is intensifying its efforts to position the nation as a global economic powerhouse. At the forefront of this endeavour is the "Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat @2047" program, strategically crafted to unleash the potential of the country's vast youth population—the largest in the world. The program aims to redirect the energy and abilities of this demographic towards the progress of the nation. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Education, this transformative initiative seeks to identify and engage with India's foremost economists, entrepreneurs, and alumni. It fosters meaningful interaction with select top university students, aiming to catalyse their ideas and enhance their performance. Under the program's umbrella, a discussion event themed 'Growth Bharat 2047' was hosted at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at 10:30 AM. In collaboration with the Union Ministry of Higher Education and the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, the event featured Shri Hari Kumar R S, Senior DGM International Business Development at L&T Defence and Aerospace, Bangalore, Karnataka, as the distinguished Chief Guest. With 5 years in International Business Development and a commendable 21-year career in the Indian Air Force, Shri Hari Kumar R S shared extensive expertise in business development, operations, logistics, procurement, and project management on an international scale. The enlightening discussion unfolded at the University Convocation Hall, where Shri Hari Kumar R S engaged with students, research scholars, and professors on the critical topic of 'Developed Bharat 2047.' His global entrepreneurial insights promised significant contributions to the nation's development. The program's objective was to foster a dynamic exchange, allowing the expert to address the queries and doubts of students, guiding them in formulating a transformative action plan that nurtures creativity and skill development. This insightful discussion program was convened under the esteemed leadership of University Chancellor Dr. Majeed Khan, Pro-Chancellor M.S. Faizal Khan, Pro-Chancellor Dr. R. Perumalsamy, Vice-Chancellor Dr. A K. Kumaraguru, Pro-Vice-Chancellors K A Janardhanan and A Shajin Naragunam. The organizational efforts, guided by the wisdom of Registrar Thirumalvalavan and advised by University Program Coordinator Dr. Murugan, involved a dedicated team of professors committed to shaping the future of education and development in India. As part of the event, Shri Hari Kumar R S addressed students, architects, and professors on the topic of 'Developed Bharat 2047,' shedding light on international business and learning opportunities for engineers through the Make in India program. Coordinated on the recommendation of the Union Ministry of Higher Education and All India Council of Technology, the discussion program was led by University Chancellor Dr. A.P. Majeed Khan and Pro-Chancellor M.S. Faizal Khan, under the guidance of Vice-Chancellor Dr. R. Perumalsamy, Vice-Chancellor Dr. A K. Kumaraguru, Pro Vice-Chancellors K A Janartdhanan and A Shajin Naragunam, Registrar P. Thirumalvalavan, University Event Coordinator Dr. Murugan, and Public Relations Officer Ramadas, with active support from university faculties.

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