Christmas Day Celebration
  • 21 Dec 2023

Christmas Day Celebration

The Christmas celebration at NICHE was a joyous spectacle, brimming with the harmonious melodies of carols, enchanting music, and lively dance performances. The venue was adorned with a meticulously arranged crib, creating a serene and festive atmosphere. Santa Claus, adorned in his traditional red suit, delighted attendees by distributing gifts, spreading cheer and embodying the spirit of giving.The festivities commenced with the inauguration of the crib by the Honorable Chancellor, Dr. A.P. Majeed Khan. The esteemed presence of Dr. K A Janardhanan, Pro Chancellor along with Dr. Bindhu, Dr. K. Muthuvel and Mr. Suresh Babu, the First-Year Coordinator, added a touch of grandeur to the event. Their collective efforts set the stage for a splendid celebration, where the spirit of Christmas was embraced with carols, music, dance, and distributing gifts. The event became a memorable testament to the festive joy shared among the NICHE community. The event was a beautiful blend of tradition and merriment.

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