Patent Certification
  • 31 Jan 2024

Patent Certification

Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education Faculty and Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. K A. Janardhanan Secure Patent for Innovative Solar-Powered Digital Surveying Solution In a ground-breaking development, a team of distinguished faculty members, led by Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. K A. Janardhanan, at the Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, including Alwin D, S. Madankumar, and Soniya from the Department of Civil Engineering, have achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a patent certificate for their innovative design titled "Solar Power for total station for Digital surveying." This pioneering move reflects the institution's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The collaborative effort of these faculty members, under the team, has resulted in a design that incorporates solar power technology into total stations, a key tool in digital surveying. The patented design, with its emphasis on sustainable technology, holds great promise for the field of digital surveying. The inclusion of solar power aligns with global efforts towards environmentally friendly solutions, making the total station more efficient and eco-conscious. To formally acknowledge this accomplishment, the team today presented and submitted the patent certificate to the Honorable Chancellor. The Chancellor, recognizing the exceptional contribution made by the faculty members, expressed profound appreciation for their role in propelling the field of Solar Power for total station for Digital surveying forward. The news of this achievement has resonated throughout the university, capturing the attention of key figures, including university authorities and program coordinators who were present at the ceremony. The patented design's significance has been duly acknowledged, highlighting the institution's steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and making substantial contributions to advancements in various fields.

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