Seminar on Exploring Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Ltd
  • 07 Mar 2024

Seminar on Exploring Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Ltd

The seminar on "Exploring Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Ltd" held at Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education on 7th March 2024 provided an insightful exploration into the aerospace industry. The event aimed to enlighten students from the Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering departments about the advancements and opportunities within Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Ltd.Dr. A. Shajin Nargunam initiated the event with a warm welcome speech, setting the tone for an enriching session ahead.Mr. Siva Kumar R., Deputy General Manager (Design Centre) at Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Ltd, served as the resource person. He provided valuable insights into the company's facilities, manufacturing components, and ongoing projects, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the aerospace industry's intricacies.Dr. N.C.J. Packia Lekshmi, Assistant Placement Officer, had the honor of felicitating the esteemed chief guest, further enriching the event with her presence.Concluding the seminar, Dr. Stanley Jones Ratnam, Additional Placement Officer, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to all participants, speakers, organizers, and attendees for their valuable contributions and active participation.The seminar was meticulously organized by Dr. Anto from NIMS Medicity (NIMS), with Dr. K. Siva Sankar, Placement Officer from NICHE, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the event.The seminar successfully bridged the gap between academia and industry, offering students invaluable insights and fostering connections within the aerospace sector. Such initiatives serve to inspire and equip the next generation of aerospace professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in this dynamic field.

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