World Book Day celebration at NICHE Kanyakumari
  • 23 Apr 2024

World Book Day celebration at NICHE Kanyakumari

On the occasion of World Book Day, NICHE Kanyakumari organized a vibrant event in the Library Hall. The function was inaugurated by Professor Khaleel Rehumanan, Head of the English Department, who emphasized the significance of literature in his address. The event featured engaging discussions around the works of Shakespeare, led by participants immersed in his books. Dr. Dhanesh delivered an insightful speech on the importance of reading, emphasizing the timeless wisdom found in literary classics like Thirukural. His discussion sparked intellectual exchanges among attendees. A highlight of the event was Devika Ashok's captivating Malayalam recitation, showcasing the linguistic diversity celebrated within the literary community. Her performance added a unique and enriching dimension to the function. The participation of both students and staff members was commendable, with active engagement throughout the event. Their enthusiasm contributed to the success of the celebration.

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