• 27 Jan 2023


The National Startup Day is observed on the 16th of January to promote entrepreneurship and promote businesses. The day is marked to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and promote achievements of Indian startups. It is also commemorated to provide a platform for startup entrepreneurs to discuss innovation for India’s youth and their contribution to the economy. As a part of the celebration of National Startup Day, the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) organized a workshop on the 27th of January 2023. The workshop was focused on giving an awareness and guidance about the startups. The resource person was Mr. M.J. Sobin, Founder of Rex Coders. The workshop started at 10 a.m. and ended at 12 noon. The workshop was inaugurated by the welcome address of Prof. Eqbert, Convener-IIC. It was followed by the resource person. He gave a good explanation about the technical skills one should possess. He shared his experience about his startup company. He motivated the students to have a portfolio of their own. Around 50 students from the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering participated in the workshop. The workshop ended up with a vote of thanks by Prof. Dinesh R, Member-IIC.

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