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In the year 2006, the Department of Civil Engineering started offering the B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree in Civil Engineering. The Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering was established in 2014. This Civil Engineering graduate programme has in mind to gives students with a comprehensive understanding of Civil Engineering approaches with respect to their application in a wide range of contexts, as well as for building sustainable communities. By teaching civil engineering problem solving and ethical responsibility, the students will become competent of identifying, developing, and solving civil engineering problems that satisfy specified performance, cost, time, safety, and other quality goals and objectives. The Structural Engineering graduate programme at NICHE offers advanced expertise in Structural Engineering and equips its graduates to solve real-world problems with professionalism and integrity. Besides preparing students to serve current industry demands, the course also places priority on research-based projects and preparing students for teaching and research that may lead to future positions in academia. The feature of the department is a team of qualified faculty with extensive expertise. Several renovations and updates have been made to the Civil Engineering Laboratory. The facility includes capabilities for large-scale experimental research in addition to offices, classrooms, and laboratories. Faculty who are undertaking research have access to a machine shop that is capable of manufacturing practically any item required. Additionally, the capabilities in the Computing facilities are available to members of the Civil Engineering Department of NICHE. The Structural Engineering Laboratory is buzzing with activity, with researchers conducting large-scale testing to develop new, more durable structural systems and to identify new, inventive techniques for restoring and maintaining the country's aged infrastructure. The structural engineering faculty runs a number of facilities like Concrete Laboratory, Non-destructive Testing facilities, and virtual simulation techniques, all of which are changing the way that structural engineering is done. Both the programmes focus on project-based initiatives that incorporate both industry and academic endeavours, which will help them to develop into valuable professionals for a holistic growth. Many of our alumni have distinguished academic and professional positions in universities, corporations, and government agencies all around the world. The section offers consulting services for testing and design with regard to materials.

Lab Facilities
Faculty Incharge: Mrs. Soniya B
Details: In 2005, NICHE established the Soil Mechanics Laboratory. This state-of-the-art laboratory is furnished with all of the required equipment for teaching and research in soil mechanics and foundation engineering at the postgraduate level. Under the guidance of faculty members and research scholars, this laboratory conducts research, consultancy, and routine soil testing.
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Roselin R
Details: Concrete is a commonly used building material because of its mouldability and durability. Students can test and inspect cement, aggregates, concrete, and concrete qualities in this lab to determine the quality of construction materials. Students can use the laboratory to test various types of fresh and hardened cement concrete to see how they affect the performance of RCC structures.The concrete technology lab has a variety of equipment and machines, including a Sieve Shaker, a Compressive Testing Machine, a Flexure Testing Machine, a Compaction Factor Apparatus, a Permeability apparatus, etc...
Faculty Incharge: Mr .MathanKumar S
Details: The Environmental Engineering Laboratory, which opened in 2013, is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and for monitoring water and wastewater quality parameters such as total dissolved/suspended solids, turbidity, hardness, alkalinity, acidity, chlorides, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, and most likely bacterial numbers. This laboratory is now being maintained and operated in order to conduct experiments for UG level course content. This laboratory is now undergoing the installation of research equipment with more advanced features.
Faculty Incharge: Mr.Muthu Uthayan. R
Details: The Surveying laboratory is well-equipped with all of the necessary instruments and tools to aid student's overall comprehension and practical expertise. Students learn how to collect data in the field using both old and modern tools.
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Sunil Kumar S
Details: The NICHE Structural Engineering Laboratory supports a wide range of operations including teaching, research, development, and consulting. Experiments on model/prototype structural elements and assemblies under various static and dynamic loading conditions are among the main activities.
Geology Lab
Faculty Incharge: Mrs. Alex Dorwina N
Details: The Geology Lab covers basic earth processes and earth materials. students develop skills in observation of natural phenomena, identification of rocks and minerals.
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