Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored)

About Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored)

Advisory Board of Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored)

External Members:

Dr. S.A. Ilangovan, Deputy Director VSSC, ISRO, Tvpm

Dr. K. Jeyasubramanian, Senior Professor,  MEPCO SCHLENK Engineering College, Sivakasi

Lab Facilities
Nano-characterization facility
Details: Major Instruments available in the Nano-characterization facility for a total amount of 148.12 lakhs • XRD- D2 Phaser • Atomic Force Microscope • Electro Chemical Work Station • Particle Size Analyser • FTIR • TG-DTA • Ultra-Pure Water • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer • Surface Area Analyzer • UPS for AFM
Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory
Details: Facilities available in the Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory for a total value of 25 lakhs • Near Infra-red Spectrometer • Photoluminescence Spectrometer • Glove Box • Hot air oven • Ultrasonic water bath • Tubular Furnace • Ultra centrifuge • Electronic balance • Ball Mill • Muffle Furnace
Nano Applications & Research Laboratory
Details: Nano Applications & Research Laboratory includes the facility for energy and biomedical applications of nano materials. The major instruments included are • High Temperature furnaces • Autoclave • Peristaltic Pump • Heating Mantel • Incubator • Ball Mill • Laminar Flow Combiner • Magnetic Stirrer • Hot Plat Ceramic Top • Orbital Shaking Incubator • BH Curve Tracer • Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator
Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory
Details: Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory constitutes the basic facilities required for Material production. The major equipment’s available are • Digital Electronic Balance • Hot Air Oven • Vacuum Pump • Double Distilled Water Plant, • Vacuum Oven • Muffle Furnace • Spin Coater • Gun For Liq. Spray • Air Compressor • UV Lamp with fittings • Magnetic Stirrer • Mechanical Stirrer • Electric water bath double walled • Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Department Pin Board
  • Webinar on "Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials" , Organized by Department of Nanotechnology on 10 May 2024 (11:00 am IST).
    - posted on 28 Apr 2024
  • Webinar on Understanding Intellectual property and its protection in India on 28 May 2024. Link to register - posted on 18 May 2024
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Head of the Department
Dr. Praseetha P K

Professor & HOD(NT & AHS), Deputy Controller of Examinations(Valuation)

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