Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored)

About Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored)

  • Faculty Name: Balamurugan
    Project: Simple and efficient way of fabricating oxide nano-structured materials through molten flux technique
    Duration: 3.0 (2012 - 2015)
    Agency: DST/SERB ( SR/FT/CS-108/2011)
    Amount: 26,54,000/-
  • Faculty Name: Balamurugan
    Project: Synthetic Methodology and Detailed Investigation of Nano Metalo-Cuprates: An Entry to Nanotechnology
    Duration: 3.0 (2012 - 2015)
    Agency: DAE/BRNS (2012/37C/10/BRNS)
    Amount: 22,02,000/-
  • Faculty Name: Balamurugan
    Project: Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Properties of nano -hexa ferrites, MFe12O19; M = Ba, Sr, Ca for hypertherimia cancer treatment applications
    Duration: 1.0 (2013 - 2014)
    Agency: TNSCST ( TNSCST/S&T Projects /AR /PS /2012-2013 /209)
    Amount: 2,03,000/-
  • Faculty Name: Praseetha.P.K
    Project: Microwave assisted one step green synthesis of Carbon Quantum dots for wound healing applications
    Duration: 1.5 years
    Agency: TNSCST
    Amount: 3,31,000
  • Faculty Name: Praseetha.P.K
    Project: Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions
    Duration: 5 years
    Agency: DST
    Amount: 77 lakhs
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  • Webinar on "Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials" , Organized by Department of Nanotechnology on 10 May 2024 (11:00 am IST).
    - posted on 28 Apr 2024
  • Webinar on Understanding Intellectual property and its protection in India on 28 May 2024. Link to register - posted on 18 May 2024
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