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Department of Nanotechnology (DST FIST Sponsored Department) was established in the year 2009. The Department offers B. Tech (Nanotechnology), M.Tech. (Nanotechnology), M.Phil (Biotechnology) and Ph.D. program in Nanotechnology & Biotechnology under the Faculty of Technology with advanced teaching learning process, mainly emphasizing on the concepts that can be applied to all fields of Engineering and Medicine. The unique feature of the Department is that it is functioning with young and dynamic faculty members. The faculty involve in various advanced research activities such as Nano Materials / Sensors, Hybrid Functional Materials, Drug Delivery Systems, Nano Carbon Materials, Graphene & Derivatives, Magnetic Nano Materials, Nano Biotechnology and Catalysis. The Department is well equipped with facilities necessary for nanotechnology research & undertakes consultancy.

Students of Department of Nanotechnology has received many awards such as Triple Academy Summer Fellowship – 2016, 2017, 2018, 85th Rank Nationally in GATE Examinations - 2017, IAS-INSA-NASI Summer Research Fellowship, Students Project Scheme funding from Tamilnadu State Council For Science and Technology (TNSCST), Chennai.

Lab Facilities
Nano-characterization facility
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Rimal Isaac R S
Details: Major Instruments available in the Nano-characterization facility for a total amount of 148.12 lakhs • XRD- D2 Phaser • Atomic Force Microscope • Electro Chemical Work Station • Particle Size Analyser • FTIR • TG-DTA • Ultra-Pure Water • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer • Surface Area Analyzer • UPS for AFM
Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Dr. S. Balamurugan
Details: Facilities available in the Advanced Nano materials Research Laboratory for a total value of 25 lakhs • Near Infra-red Spectrometer • Photoluminescence Spectrometer • Glove Box • Hot air oven • Ultrasonic water bath • Tubular Furnace • Ultra centrifuge • Electronic balance • Ball Mill • Muffle Furnace
Nano Applications & Research Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Praseetha P K
Details: Nano Applications & Research Laboratory includes the facility for energy and biomedical applications of nano materials. The major instruments included are • High Temperature furnaces • Autoclave • Peristaltic Pump • Heating Mantel • Incubator • Ball Mill • Laminar Flow Combiner • Magnetic Stirrer • Hot Plat Ceramic Top • Orbital Shaking Incubator • BH Curve Tracer • Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator
Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Praseetha P K
Details: Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory constitutes the basic facilities required for Material production. The major equipment’s available are • Digital Electronic Balance • Hot Air Oven • Vacuum Pump • Double Distilled Water Plant, • Vacuum Oven • Muffle Furnace • Spin Coater • Gun For Liq. Spray • Air Compressor • UV Lamp with fittings • Magnetic Stirrer • Mechanical Stirrer • Electric water bath double walled • Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Head of the Department
Dr. Praseetha P K

Professor & HOD(NT & AHS), Deputy Controller of Examinations(Valuation)

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